"Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement." - W. Clement Stone

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"Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement."

- W. Clement Stone


Many Christian men get a strong sense of purpose and fulfillment from their faith, but some find that they have a hard time keeping their faith in mind during busy and hectic days out in the secular world. Spending a long day at work or getting stuck in traffic can drive any such motivating or encouraging quotes straight out of your mind, and you definitely do not feel spiritual when confronted with such stresses.


One great way to give yourself a constant reminder of your faith and of God's presence in your life is by wearing a cross necklace. The problem is that many men view accessories such as necklaces as feminine, and, as a result, they usually prefer to stick to the one personal adornment that they think is considered acceptable: watches.


But there is no need to limit yourself in this way. There are perfectly acceptable and tasteful ways for men to wear the right kind of cross necklace. Cross necklaces are not only simple enough to go with pretty much anything, but they offer a way for you to remain connected with your faith as well.


But before buying and wearing a cross necklace, you should consider...


1) The right chain length


Before even considering the type of cross to wear, you should give some thought to the length of the chain. If you want something that hangs closer to the neck, then go with a chain that is 18 or 19 inches long. For a chain that you can fit comfortably around a shirt collar, you will want one that is closer to 22 or 23 inches long.


2) The right style


There are so many different styles of cross necklaces to choose from that your final decision is going to depend on your personal tastes.


You cannot really go wrong with a simple cross on a simple chain, as it can be worn on almost any occasion. Oversized cross pendants also work great for men, as do cross-engraved dog tags for a more casual look. A gothic cross can also give you an edgier and more masculine look.


3) The right materials


When picking a cross necklace you will be faced with having to choose between gold, pure silver, sterling silver, stainless steel, wood, and many other materials. The truth is that any of these materials can work, and you should consider having a few different types. The real trick is to properly match the material with your clothing and other accessories.


4) The right way to match with other jewelry


If you are going to be wearing your cross necklace with other accessories such as bracelets, rings, cufflinks, or watches, then there is one simple rule you need to keep in mind: you should only have one metal tone going on at once. For example, if the rest of your accessories are silver, then your cross necklace should also be silver.


5) The right way to match with clothing


Finally, here is a quick and handy guide to some common cross pendant materials and the clothing it goes with best:


- Gold necklaces go well with deep blues, dark greens, and earthy tones such as brown.


- Silver necklaces are very versatile. They go well with black and gray, but can also be worn with lighter colors.


- Wood necklaces are great with more casual clothing. They will go well with white, earth tones, and almost any color that is not too bright.