Holy Purpose

Increasing God's Glory in the World

Welcome to Spiritual Bridge, a Holy place dedicated to bridging the gaps between the worldwide Christian family. We are a stand-in and ready-made Christian community seeking to inspire Bible-believing Christians in their ongoing worship and praise. We were inspired by our own passionate Church family and hope to bring the same passion to believers everywhere who want to honor God. Our aim is to inspire and motivate you on your daily walk with Christ and to bring you closer to the love and hope found in Him.

Our vision statement at Spiritual Bridge is, "Using our hearts, minds, and gifts to increase world faith." We use this statement as a guiding principle to serve the Lord in His meekness, loving-kindness, and mercy. In this way, we want to help others become aware of God's Spirit in their lives. We believe firmly in the doctrine of God's Spirit as communicated through scripture.

The Doctrine of God's Spirit

The scripture presents the doctrine of God's Spirit all throughout its many books, on almost every single page. Once you have the eyes to see it, it's impossible to read very far into the Bible without coming across numerous references to it. God has used scripture to reveal Himself as the Spirit since the very beginning of creation. The Spirit is the manifestation of God's will that He be with you at all times, now and for eternity.

At the beginning of scripture, the Spirit of God creates the first human being by breathing upon the ground (Gen 2:7). He also promises to breathe upon the slain of Israel to bring them back to their homes (Eze 37: 11-14) and upon all of Christ's believing disciples to unite them in new life with Christ (Jn 20:22).

Many times throughout scripture, the Spirit of God is depicted as a cloud leading and protecting His people (Ex 13:21; 14:19-20; Isa 63:7-14; Ro 8:14). His Spirit is also that which guides all of the prophets to deliver His words (Mic 3:8; Zec 7:12; 2Pe 1:21) and that which enlightens our minds to understand His message and His truth (Jn 16:13; 1Co 2:10-13; Heb 9:8; 10:15).

The Spirit of God is also the fiercest advocate for His people. He is a burning fire that purges the chaff in order to sanctify His people (Isa 4:4, Mt 3:12), and He is a scorching desert wind bringing justice to idolaters and to those that have rebelled against Him (Hos 13:15-16).

While the Spirit of God does manifest His righteous wrath, scripture also depicts the Spirit as a dove, a sign of peace and life (Lk 3:22). The Spirit of God in the form of a dove first anoints Christ to be the Messiah (Isa 11:2; 42:1; 61:1) and later enables Christ's followers to continue His ministry after Christ has been crucified and resurrected (Ac 1:8; 2Co 1:21; 1 Jn 2:20).

Repeatedly throughout scripture, the Spirit of God fills believers with joy (Ac 13:52; Ro 14:17; 16:13; 1Th 1:5-6) and provides water to parched souls so that they may feel vitalized (Isa 32:15; 44:3; Jn 7:38). The Spirit of God has the power to transform lives and to make miracles happen. It is the active presence of God in the world, manifesting throughout history and fulfilling God's plan for our salvation.

God is the third person of the Trinity that is made up of the Spirit of Christ, the Spirit of Yahweh, and the eternal Spirit. Just as He has done since creation, He continues to manifest as your guide, your comforter, and your ever-present motivator. He is the giver of life and continues to be a constant river where you can perpetually return to refresh yourself and throughout endless ages.

Spiritual Bridge - Ambassadors of Heaven

One of the most enduring and inspirational quotes in all of scripture comes to us from John 14:6. It reads: "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." Spoken by Christ, these words remind believers of the central tenant of their faith. Though Christ's instructions are clear, it can be hard to follow them without being a member of an active community of believers.

This is where Spiritual Bridge comes in. Our mission is to bring people to God through Christ, as He has directed. Our Christ-centric content serves as a reminder to center your life on Christ and can be used as a tool to aid in your spiritual development. Here is a brief overview of the way that our Hope is set up to draw the faithful closer to Christ and to introduce even more people to the love of our Lord.

Featured Articles

A large section of Spiritual Bridge is devoted to uplifting and inspiring articles tackling many different areas of life. These articles draw their inspiration from Biblical passages and are full of uplifting quotes to help motivate readers to live their best lives. You'll find articles for women, Christian youth, married couples, families, parents, and for anyone looking to improve their spiritual wellness.

Daily Devotionals

Spiritual Bridge is also a place where you can come to find daily devotionals. Jehovah is a relational Father which allows us to call on Him every day.  Grow in your faith and draw closer to the Spirit of God by engaging deeply with important scriptural passages.

Featured E-Books

If you love reading uplifting and inspirational materials, then you'll be interested in our featured e-books. Continue feeding your mind on the word of God with these new focused perspectives.  G.Q. King's Palaces, LLC's  e-books are intended for Christians from all walks of life, to provide them with advice and encouragement in all areas of their lives. 

Prayer Requests

Sometimes, you need to know that someone is praying for you, interceding with God, on your behalf.  "Thus shall they know that I, the Lord their God, am with them, and that they, the house of Israel, are My people, says the Lord God. As for you, My flock, the flock of My pasture, you are men, and I am your God, says the Lord God",  (Ezekiel 34: 30-31) Amen. 

Spiritual Bridge takes online prayer requests in hopes of you receiving the promised Holy Spirit.  "In Him you also, after hearing the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation, and after believing in Him, were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit, who is the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, to the praise of His glory", (Ephesians 1: 13-14) Amen.  We believe in the power of prayer as clearly communicated to us in scripture. "Gird your sword on your thigh, O mighty one, with your splendor and your majesty.  In your majesty ride prosperously because of truth and meekness and righteousness: and your right hand will teach you awesome things", (Psalm 45: 3-4) Amen.

Every member of the Christian community serves a vital and irreplaceable function in the Body of Christ. Here at Spiritual Bridge, we have taken our Christian Ministry online.  "Let us labor therefore to enter that rest, lest anyone fall by the same pattern of unbelief.  For the word of God is alive, and active, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, of joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intents of the heart.  There is no creature that is not revealed in His sight, for all things are bare and exposed to the eyes of Him to whom we must give account".  (Hebrews 4: 11-13)