Unfortunately, evil comes in many forms. It can be difficult to recognize evil, even when we encounter it face to face. Thankfully, many strong and faithful people who have lived before us faced the challenge and succeeded. The world is replete with examples of brave souls who used biblical principles to successfully escape evil and, in the process, reveal God's justice to the rest of humanity.

Escaping Evil - God's Justice Revealed Within World Legends is a book about many of these special individuals. Each chapter offers a detailed character study of someone who has faced evil and won, especially when faced with adversity. Combined with scriptural truth about the human struggle to overcome evil, these character studies provide the reader with lessons they can take and apply to their own lives. For those searching new resources for escaping evil in Christianity, this eBook is meant for you.



A new prayer ebook from G.Q. King's Palaces, LLC, explores the blessed life that is readily available in Christ. It calls upon God to open the floodgates of heaven in order to release blessing upon the readers as well as their families, friends, and associates. Each page cries out for a greater connection and engagement with the riches of heaven. Using Scripture, prophetic principles, and prayers, it takes readers on a journey to discover the fullness of a life blessed by God

Beyond a mere lack of material wealth, true poverty portrays a spiritual reality of bondage, hopelessness, and despair. It stems from a soul and mind that is bound in captivity and is in desperate need of emancipation. From this inward soul-level poverty, outward manifestations of poverty begin to take shape. In His goodness, however, God gives liberty in exchange for bondage--prosperity in exchange for poverty! The New Jerusalem Report: Open Heaven Revealed traces this theme throughout the Word of God and down through the centuries.



Many people in today's world have all but given up on finding love in Christianity, or finding "the one." They have settled on trying to be happy with "the one for now" or "the one until a better one comes along.

Our eBook entitled Finding the One: The Christian Guide for True Romance is able to renew your hope that true romance really does exist and is waiting for you. Finding a love in Christianity is possible, and this book is meant to show you how.

Finding The One Truly Changes Your Perspective On Love And Relationships For The Better. We Believe That Taking The Time To Read This Short, Easily Digestible EBook Can Be Beneficial For Both Single People And Those Who Are Already Engaged In A Serious, Committed Relationship. 



The eBook Mrs. Ink Flow’s Diary was created to motivate, inspire, and encourage others with uplifting poems about God, inspiring quotes, and personal stories. As the author of this unique work, we hope that this eBook will share love, praise, and wisdom in celebration of Him. God has given each believer a spiritual gift that He wants us to use for His glory. Our primary goal is to share these gifts with you!

The Bible tells us to use our spiritual gifts in love to glorify God and edify His church. He gives us opportunities every day to put our gifts to use and bless others. We look forward to sharing our gifts with you in the form of inspirational Christian quotes and moving poems about the Lord.