In spiritually motivating words of encouragement from Song of Songs 7: 1-How beautiful your sandaled feet, O prince's daughter! We gain the courage to ask how...

While it is true that a woman's orgasm might not come about as simply or as quickly as a man's, it is far from the elusive and finicky phenomena that popular culture would have you believe. Christian men should and, in most circumstances, definitely can help their wives climax during love making. In spiritually motivating words of encouragement from Ephesians 5:28, husbands are directed to, "love their wives as their own bodies."

You should be seeking pleasure in your wife's body as much as you would in your own. Here are five tips that you can use to help your wife have an orgasm:

- Do not forget the foreplay

Your wife will find it very difficult to climax if she is not completely aroused, even if what you are doing feels good. Foreplay is a hugely important part of helping a woman get into the mood. Passionate kissing and caressing is not only fun, but it helps to build up the sexual tension. Do not worry, foreplay doesn't have to take forever. The important thing is that you are thoughtful enough to get her turned on before diving in.

- Ask for direction and follow it

It's okay not to know exactly what your wife wants in bed right away. You are not a mind reader! However, it's not okay to never ask her, especially if she is not having orgasms as a result of what you normally do. Ask her what she would like you to try and what she thinks would feel well and then follow it to the letter. If you want to spend your lives together and make one another happy while you are at it, then you better be able to communicate!

- Make her feel desired

A woman can get incredibly turned on by knowing that she is turning you on. Always let your wife know how attractive she is to you, especially during love making. Tell her how beautiful she looks and how lucky you are to be with her. Feeling wanted will help her feel more comfortable and relaxed in her own skin, which in turn will make an orgasm much easier to achieve.

- Let her know that it's okay not to have one

Women can feel just as much pressure to perform as men in the orgasm category. Many women fake orgasms not because they are bored and want the love making to be over, but because their partners are doing everything right and they feel as if they should have one. The pressure of feeling as if their climax is mandatory can make an orgasm even more elusive. Let your wife know that it's okay if it just is not going to happen sometimes.

Love making should never be about one specific act. Taking the pressure off a certain position or a certain goal can help both partners relax, have fun, and focus only on making one another feel well in whatever way works best. When both partners are completely at ease and in tune with each other is when climax is most likely to happen, especially in women.


Insight from Scripture

Did He not make them one, having a remnant of the Spirit? And why one? He seeks godly offspring. So take heed to your spirit, that you do not deal treacherously. - Malachi 2: 15