Jehovah Mekoddishkem, The Lord Who Sanctifies, has never shied away from HIS people - in fact, the common, the profane and the sacred are all very special to HIM.

Jehovah Mekoddishkem, The Lord Who Sanctifies, has never shied away from HIS people - in fact, the common, the profane and the sacred are all very special to HIM.  Today, the First Amendment of the United States Constitution continues to protect Americans' freedom of religion, thereby protecting the right to be Christian. There is never been a better time to take advantage of all the benefits that spirituality and motivational spiritual quotes have to offer. Here are a few of the best things that Christianity can contribute to your life:


1) Your life loses stress


Even though praying to God takes faith, Christianity provides the opportunity to slow down in an otherwise fast-paced world. The simple act of a repetitive spiritual action such as prayer lets us communicate to God.  The answers to life's big questions - e.g.., why you are here - usually are provided under a spiritual lens, giving you a sense of bigger purpose that calms you.


2) You can become physically healthier


Stress is intricately connected to the functions of the body, such as the release of stress hormones such as cortisol. The meditative functions of Christianity, because they are generally calming, can have the opposite effect, bringing the physical body back into harmony and balance. What is more, Christianity often results in respecting the body and avoiding choices that could cause physical harm.  


3) You build relationships


Christianity commonly connects people together. For instance, the church provides a Holy place where people can network. This provides relationships that offer physical, emotional, and other forms of support. The feeling of belonging reduces stress.


4) The relationships you build are stronger


Christianity develops an understanding of God, HIS son, the universe HE created, other people and, perhaps most importantly, yourself.  It directs you to see things in a particular way that, overall, gives you security in who you are. That security of self affects how you act with others, letting you leave poor relationships and seek supportive ones.


5) Christianity provides focus


Although Christianity can provide a concept of "the bigger picture," the questions answered by believing in God, as well as the reduction of stress and physical ailments, clears the mind and body so you can concentrate. You go through your day sharper and aren't as easily distracted. That can mean big successes in multiple venues such as your career or life at home.


6) You get enjoyment out of life


When you are a Christian, you can learn to let troubles go. You can see the joy in the world, even if you are aware that evil exists. With fewer worries, you get more out of your time and relationships. Christianity teaches that finding joy is an inner, personal journey that hinges less on the material world and more on yourself. For example, relationships are subject to decline, the economy could fold, health issues may arise "But take courage," Jesus says.  "I have overcome the world."  Let's enter into a relationship with "Jehovah Shalom" by standing firm in the faith of our connection to Jesus Christ. The light that shines in darkness will never leave you or forsake you.  


While troubles, drama and turmoil is something we all face day by day, these words serve as an anchor and a guiding force for helping us successfully deal with worries and finding inner peace.


7) You know what to do


Christians have dictates about how to live their lives based on the truth of the Bible. Christ provides direction even when everything else seems chaotic and others seem lost.


8) You can flaunt your creative side


Christianity is associated with expressing or connecting to things that are bigger than yourself. It allows you to see the world under a very large perspective, which translates to seeing different windows of opportunity and ways of solving problems. You are able to approach life in an artistic but practical way based on your perception of yourself, the world and others.


9) Being Christian shows you the facts


We are convinced that Jesus is "the" way, that HE knows what is right. This is because Christianity is based largely on faith, believing without seeing.  Even so, the fear of the Lord will inevitably reveal true facts that help the world make sense. For instance, in wanting to connect to Jesus, you will learn what makes people thrive.  Christianity thus will ultimately bring sanctification by Jehovah Mekoddishkem, making us HIS treasured sacred possession.  Amen!