This concept is according to Psalms 29:2, "Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness."

Hilkiah and those the king had sent with him went to speak to the prophet Huldah, who was the wife of Shallum son of Tokhath, the son of Hasrah, keeper of the wardrobe. She lived in Jerusalem, in the New Quarter.  

2 Chronicles 34:  22


Daily Devotionals for Women

Daily devotionals are Christian publications that provide spiritual content. They can be read and studied every day, weekly, monthly, or at the personal pace of the reader. As women of God, it is important that you get empowered through devotions for women to grow spiritually and for a closer walk with God. Daily devotionals for women are created specifically for you. They are ideal for women in all stages of life. All of you have to do is find a special time each day for prayer, meditation on the word of God and, of course, to read your women’s devotional to learn from the knowledge and experience of other women.

What are the benefits of a Daily Devotional for Women?

There are certainly plenty of benefits for reading a women’s devotional on a regular basis. While some women are comfortable with daily devotional for women articles, others are happier with weekly women’s devotional items accompanied with women’s Bible study, prayers, and meditation on the word of God. Here is a look at some of the benefits of regular devotions for women.

Give God your Devotion

One of the first benefits of a daily devotional for women is that you get to spend some quiet time with God. Devotionals allow you to give to God as opposed to always receiving from him. This concept is according to Psalms 29:2, “Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness.” There are plenty of committed Christians who do a lot of good but forget to spend time with God just to worship Him. Spending a few minutes with God and letting Him know how much you love Him and care about His word is imperative.

The Lord will provide you with instructions for your daily life when you engage in daily devotions for women. Just spending a few, quiet moments with God provides Him with a great opportunity to speak to you and give you the wisdom you need to make the right decisions.

Get your Family Involved

To make the most of our devotions for women, you can put together a regular women’s devotional time with female family members. Include mothers and grandmothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, and whoever would like to get involved! A daily devotional for women can help build your spiritual strength every day, just like athletes build physical strength through proper training. Reading a women’s daily devotional is a great way to keep yourselves engaging in the word of God and get closer as a family. It doesn’t have to take more than a few minutes every week, and you can all worship God and reflect on his glory.

Delight in the Lord

When you spend quiet time in the presence of the Lord, then you will bask in His glory and will grow in your love for Him. According to Philippians 3:10 and Psalms 34:8, the secret of real joy is found in knowing God.

A daily devotional for women will help you grow to be more like God. If you want to grow to be more like Jesus Christ, then you need to engage more in the word and delight in him. This teaching is according to Romans 12:2 and John 17:17. You will get direct satisfaction through the time you spend in the scripture though women’s bible study. You also get to know God more intimately when you allow his Word into your heart.

Not only that, you will delight in knowing Jesus personally. One of the best gifts of salvation is the chance to know Jesus and be in touch with him regularly. Many people only know about Jesus but have no personal relationship with Him. Fortunately, a women’s daily devotional and regular engagement in the Word ensure that your foundation in Christ is strong and secure.

Women’s Daily Devotional – Are you a People Pleaser?

All too often, our actions are aimed at pleasing others. We have gotten accustomed to acting in ways that appeal to others and try not to offend them or hurt their feelings. Sometimes we do this to fit in and not be shunned by society.

As Christians, we need to speak and act as people approved by the Lord and entrusted with the Gospel. We should not try to please those around us, but rather, we should aim to please our God in heaven. This is in agreement with 1 Thessalonians 2:4, “On the contrary, we speak as those approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel. We are not trying to please people but God, who tests our hearts.”

Our words, deeds, and thoughts are what pleases God rather than what pleases others. A common observation of our behavior indicates that we have a desire to please people, yet it is impossible to please everyone at the same time. If we keep trying to please everyone, we will most likely fail in the process.

You sometimes may get concerned about whether you upset some people and what they may be thinking about you and your actions, words, or beliefs. Sometimes you stress over a conversation and wonder about how you could have done things a little differently. All too often, you probably perform better in your head than you did in person. However, this is not the way you are meant to live your life. You should not focus your energy and strength, or thoughts and deeds on how to please people. Just like Jesus, you need to be concerned only about what God thinks of you.

A women’s daily devotional will help you to be more like Jesus. Women’s bible study will help you to focus more on what pleases God and what he values. It is important that you follow Jesus’ lead and His direction. This way, you will not worry about pleasing people or what they will say about you. If you live your life as the Lord intends for you, and aim to please Him only, then you will be at peace with your inner self. What’s more, you will probably impress people more with you virtuous, Christ-like life. You should tell Jesus through your daily words and actions that He is the one you want to please with your life and then always endeavor to do just that.

Women’s Devotional – Become a Bearer of God’s Image

The book of Genesis 1:27 tells us that God created us in His image. Think about how you see yourself. If you take a look and see your own reflection in the mirror, then you will be staring at God’s creation. Ever since the days of Eve, women have worried about their image. Lots of polls indicate that a majority of women are dissatisfied with their looks while many admire celebrities and supermodels. It’s hard to keep up with the perfect image that the world expects of a beautiful woman. We keep idolizing models on the cover of magazines.

The good news is that the answer to our quest for an appealing image is replied to in the book of Genesis. The Bible says we are created in the image of God, our creator. God is the paradigm of perfection. While our physical appearances only denote our human origins, our spirit and soul reflect on our Lord. But what does it mean to be created in the exact image of God who is our heavenly father? According to the book of Colossians 1:5, Jesus Christ is the exact image of the invisible God. For us as Christians, as we progressively grow in our faith we are transformed more into the image of God.

The book of 2 Corinthians 3:18 says that as we grow in our faith, we are slowly transformed into Christ’s likeness. You were created by God to project his image and Holy nature to the world that is blind to His existence. Therefore, the next time you stare at your image in the mirror, you should not see the imperfections or the blemishes; rather stare in wonder at the product of a perfect God that loves you dearly. Engaging in women’s bible study and reading a daily devotional for women will help you to keep this perspective in mind.

Women’s Bible study – Questions to Ask Jesus Each Morning

Every morning, each and every one of us has a question for Jesus. While our needs and desires may vary, one of the most important questions you should ask each morning is, “How can I encourage somebody today?” Asking this question will often lead to an answer because the Lord is faithful. Looking at the book of Isaiah 35:3-4 can provide some answers. It says, “strengthen those who have tired hands.” People who fall in this category include those who use their hands lifting up the burdens of others. They include teachers, moms, doctors, nurses, caregivers, parents, pastors and many others.

The verse goes on to mention those with weak knees. It consists of a select group of people including senior citizens, athletes, physically challenged individuals and military veterans. Other people who are also mentioned are the fearful. Who are the fearful in our society? It is just about each and every one of us. We all have our fears, worries, and anxieties. Think about anyone in your life who needs some encouragement today. Tell them to be strong and not to fear because the Lord is on their side! There are many different ways you can encourage someone. Look for inspiration in a women’s daily devotional to help get you started.

One of the easiest ways of helping people is to send someone an encouraging message. You can do this through email, text message, or in person. At other times you could make a phone call to a person who needs inspiration and a cheerful word. While these actions may seem like minor deeds, they may mean a lot to recipients and could positively impact their life forever. You could also go and visit an elderly neighbor, an ailing friend, or a grief-stricken colleague. Finding people to encourage is not difficult if you engage in daily devotionals and stay connected with the Lord.

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