"Ask and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you."

Christian Parenting

Divorce often brings relief for couples handling the stress of their relationship, yet it also brings certain emotional difficulties. You may find yourself turning to blogs for Christian women for advice on how you as a parents can cope. It's natural to want what is best for your children, but it can be hard to find balance between doing what is right for yourselves and doing what is best for your kids. Divorce is a sensitive topic because it is such a painful issue for everyone involved. Whether you've been divorced for several years or just a few weeks, it's important to take the steps necessary to resolve issues and conflicts your family may face after a divorce.


Communicate Openly


First off, remember to communicate openly with your partner even after the divorce. Especially if children are involved, open, relaxed communication is essential. While you may be experiencing pain and strong emotions, it's important to remember to stay as neutral as possible especially when speaking in front of your children. Avoid trash talking your former spouse in front of your children and try not to say any negative comments. While this may be difficult, remember that the other person is your child's parent and your child still loves them.


Know When to Get Help


Another important part of handling divorce is knowing when to seek assistance. While some conflict is standard post-divorce, more serious issues can arise. If you suspect that your former spouse has been drinking and driving, struggling with alcoholism, or is engaging in other harmful habits, it's important to seek assistance. Consider visiting a counselor together or, if the situation is serious enough, consult with an attorney to learn your personal rights.


Listen to Your Child


You need to foster open communication with your children after a divorce. Truly listen if your children say that they want to live with you or, although it may be painful, if they want to live with your former spouse. It's important to make sure your children feel understood and cared for despite the divorce. Divorce is something that tends to make children feel lost and scared. After all, everything they've ever known and expected has been torn from them. Never yell at your child about his feelings regarding the divorce and, although it may be difficult, try not to take things personally. Your child may naturally lash out at you, but everyone is having pain and everyone is learning to handle those emotions.


Remember that You Can Still Turn to God


Finally, if faith has always played an important role in your life, then it may be easy to feel that you can no longer turn to God after a divorce. But you can never forget that God still loves you no matter what. As Jesus said: "Ask and it will be given to you; search, and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you." If your goal is to find balance, then do not forget to ask God for help.