"Love thy neighbor as yourself. Mark 12:31"

Blood of Christ

Spiritual encouragement quotes and Values: 


 In todays society, in motivational spiritual quotes and religion in general there is huge diversity in the beliefs and values of modern day people. At nearly 40% of the world’s population following Christianity, it’s clear there are many good values relating to the Christian faith that can be applied to everyday life. Living a moral life is the primary desire of most people, but what does this mean? The word moral has differing meaning to every individual, but pursuing a good and honest life is the inclination of almost everyone. Nevertheless, in a world that is forever advancing and changing, it can be difficult to know where to turn for guidance. Whether a practicing Christian or not, the Christian faith and general spirituality can provide comprehensive help and direction for people of every background and belief. All aspects of life, from relationships, to marriage, finances to general lifestyle, can be supported through some basic values and moral beliefs, allowing for a calm, content and happy life. So how do these values relate to your life, and how can they support you through the ups and downs of life? Here are just a few points that can provide great assistance in times of uncertainty:  

  • Treat others as you wish to be treated - treating others well and with the respect you wish to receive in return, is the basis for good relationships and is paramount in living a loving, honest life (Love thy neighbor as yourself. Mark 12:31)


  • Honesty to yourself and others - if you desire a honest, wholesome life you must live as an honest and wholesome being. Using deception or dishonest means for your own personal gain may achieve short term goals, but will not accomplish long term contentment.


  • Forgiveness - no one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes including you, but holding a grudge neither solves problems, nor helps ease the hurt. Letting go of a grudge can be tremendously difficult, but allows for peace within yourself and a clear mind with with to move on and let go of past issues, which can hold you back from your personal progression.


  • Love - love is perhaps the strongest emotion experienced by humans and is the true goal in life for most people. Whether it be finding love, maintaining love in relationships or family, or repairing love that has hit some problems, it is so important to remember that everyone needs love to thrive and be happy. Loving your friends, family members and partners not only provides them with the feeling of being cared about and valued but also allows for them to reciprocate. Surrounding yourself with loving people and being a loving person yourself, means you and your loved ones are never alone or without support.
These values, although seemingly simplistic, can offer a basis on which to build your own personal, moral beliefs and begin building the life you truly want. Everyone wants happiness, but with so much going on in the average person’s day-to-day life, it can be difficult to know where to start. Knowing there are some guidelines and advice to fall back on when you need a little extra help, can not only help you through difficult times but also allow you to form your own important life values and, by extension, the contented, happy and moralistic life you have always wanted.