An Essential Resource for a Christian Family
Every Christian family needs encouragement, spiritual nourishment, support, guidance and advice from time to time. While there are resources that can help families achieve this, one of the most practical and suitable aids any Christians can use is Spiritual Bridge. We want to be a precious resource that helps believers connect to the hope and love found in our Lord Jesus Christ. As Christians, we face many challenges each and every day. Life can be complicated, full of pain and anxiety. If you need to be inspired, motivated and encouraged in your daily walk with Christ, visit our site daily for words of encouragement, advice, and spiritual guidance.

About Spiritual Bridge
Spiritual Bridge is a powerful online tool that provides direction and advice on various topics and issues that affect Christian families. A Christian family is one where the parents are true believers of Jesus Christ who endeavor to lead an honest, decent life according to the Bible. Such a family also teaches its children to follow the same path and become devout Christians from a young age. Through this website, a Christian family will learn all about Christian parenting, family life, spiritual wellness, reading and understanding your family Bible, marriage and so much more. The site also provides an opportunity for parents to place a prayer request and have intercessors pray for their every need.

Christian Families
A good Christian family is one that conforms to biblical principles and teachings and one where members accept and fulfill their God-given roles. One of the greatest blessings we can receive is the love of a family. The bonds that exist between family members are sacred. It is the reason why the Bible has numerous passages that relate to families. Earthly families are intended to reflect God’s unconditional love.

The family is not an institution designed by man but was created by the Almighty God to benefit man. A biblical family unit consists of two parents and their children. Both the husband and the wife have a duty to uphold the family and keep it together. Emulating the love of Christ is not always an easy feat. Many times, families struggle with pain, lack of communication, and disagreements. Families regularly encounter broad issues, serious challenges, difficult issues, and threats such as divorce. Spiritual Bridge helps Christian families manage and overcome some of these difficulties.

Roles of the Wife and Husband in a Christian Family
Men and women are considered equal in relationship to Christ. However, the Bible accords specific roles to each within a marriage. A husband is supposed to assume the leadership role within the home. This leadership does not have to be patronizing, condescending, or dictatorial. This teaching is according to the books of Ephesians 5:23 and 1 Corinthians 11:3. Jesus himself commanded husbands to love their wives the same way he loved the church. Jesus showed love, compassion, forgiveness, mercy, respect and compassion to His people. In the same way, men should love their wives.

Spiritual Bridge also teaches women to be submissive to the authority of their husbands. The scriptures clearly state that women should submit to their spouses just as to the Lord. It is because the husband is the head of the home just as Christ is the head of the church. These are important family Christian values that are taught to wives, enabling them to care better for the entire family. While the Bible clearly asks women to submit to their husband’s authority, it also advises men on how to treat their wives. A husband should not be dictatorial towards his wife but should respect her and her opinions.

When it comes to sharing responsibilities in the home, both men and women play a huge role in providing for their families. In the same way that our God Jehovah Jireh is a provider, we also ought to be providers. Therefore, we all should work hard to earn enough income so that we can take care of our family and provide for them. Only in this way will the family Christian values prosper, and the wife and husband will grow together spiritually and mature in their faith. Having a family Bible that you read together, meditating on the word of the Scripture together, and essentially enjoying each other’s company is important for a happy, healthy and successful Christian life.

Help and Advice with Marriage
One of the biggest challenges that families encounter has to do with marriage. Modern society makes it very difficult to sustain a happy marriage because ills such as criticism, skepticism and sarcasm have become second nature. Such vices make it difficult for couples to bring out the best in each other. Fortunately, this family-friendly website is a reliable resource to you and those you love the most. It provides great articles, information, and advice on how to prosper in your marriage. If you are a married Christian man or woman, you will find a lot of useful resources that will teach you great ways of being happy and successful in your marriage.

If you want to bring out the best in your spouse, then you should read some of the featured articles under the marriage section of this website. You will find in-depth information on how to bring out the best in your spouse. Did you know that words we speak are very powerful and can have a dramatic impact on any relationship? This fact is very accurate in the context of marriage. Words that you speak as a spouse can be deflating or empowering. Your words can be encouraging or devastating. They can lay a foundation for happiness or set you up for failure.

The first step is to begin by minimizing negative words, especially about the obvious. Some futile attempts at humor may sound benign initially but can be devastating in the long run. Anyone who makes negative comments about their spouse should work at changing this and finding better, more positive words to use. Learning to speak more positively to a spouse is very important.

It is not enough that your spouse knows of your support for them. It is much better to express this support within the relationship verbally. A healthy marriage thrives when both the husband and wife speak well of each other both in private and in public. They both express support for each other verbally. This is a very powerful way of building each other up. Such support and positive words will build confidence, add value and enhance growth in the marriage and create a foundation for a happy Christian family.

Learn More About Christian Parenting
As a Christian, you need to raise your child in the ways of the Lord, and he or she will never depart from them. This is according to the scriptures. Parenting in today’s world is a challenging ordeal and parents may be unsure of how to properly raise their children in a Christian family while allowing them to keep up with worldly developments. Each young child is unique and different, so there is no “standard” way of being a parent as long as you make sure to provide them with their necessities. Make time to read the family Bible with your children. By doing this, you will be fulfilling your role as a caring and loving parent.

There are, however, things you can do as a parent to nurture a better Christian family. The first step is always to be compassionate towards your children. Even the Lord compares Himself to a loving mother in the book of Isaiah 66:13 when He says “as a mother comforts her child so will I comfort you.” Children should feel safe around you and loved all the time. However, you should never hesitate to reprimand or punish them when necessary and appropriate. Even then, your children should always know they can come to you should they need comfort and understanding.

Parents Should be a Great Example to their Children
The book of Proverbs 22:6 sets the stage so parents can understand why they should set a good example to their children. All of the time, children spend time at home with the parents observing and watching them. They listen to words and watch your actions. A good family Christian dad or mom will be careful to instill good habits, behaviors, and manners. If they learn the proper way to act and behave, they will stay that way for the rest of their lives. This is why it is advisable to work towards making yourself the kind of person you would want your kids to emulate.

Remember you also need to inculcate your faith with parenting. As a parent, it is your duty and obligation to instill Christian principles in your children and teach them about the Lord. This simple fact can be quite a challenge in modern society, especially in these times we are living. However, Spiritual Bridge provides you with the resources you need on how to be a great parent and instill Christian values in your children.

Other Great Resources Available on the Website
There are plenty of other useful resources you can get on the website that will enable you to enhance family Christian values in your family. For instance, you get to learn all about family life. While it is very important to have a family Bible in the home, a Christian family needs more than just a Bible. External resources will also improve your knowledge on how to live together in peace, harmony, and happiness. Families should espouse Christian values in everything they do including relating to the larger Christian community, institutions such as schools, the government and much more.

Spiritual wellness is something lots of people struggle with. A lot of people living today may not be receiving the sufficient spiritual nourishment and guidance that they need. Fortunately, Spiritual Bridge is an amazing online resource that provides any Christian family with the guidance, information, and advice that they need. Spiritual wellness is not a one-day affair but is something acquired, learned and enhanced through constant engagement with Christian authorities. Our website contains some well researched and well-written articles on the topic of spiritual wellness. They have been authored by great men and women of God including members of staff at Spiritual Bridge.

Information about Christian Youth
If you are a parent to teenagers and young adults, there is information available that is suitable for them. When kids grow up and become semi-independent, and mature young adults, they may face challenges that you may not know much about. The temptations, challenges, and pressures faced by young adults and teenagers can be insurmountable. Check out the information we have available about youth, young adults, and other young people who may be in your household or your life.

Peer pressure can cause some of them to stray which can be dangerous. Feel free to use Spiritual Bridge for relevant teachings that can be used with young people. They will be empowered and provided with the support they need to survive and thrive in the adult world. You can read the articles and get Bible-based information that will help you guide and equip youths in your household. You can use content based on the Bible that will help enhance your knowledge on how to handle young adults and teenagers so as to guide them with family Christian values better.

Spiritual Bridge and the Christian Family
Walking in faith nowadays is very important, yet it can be challenging especially with the myriad of challenges and social afflictions society faces today. The family Christian unit is under attack and constantly under spiritual warfare. We believe that with the right resources, with lots of love and patience, family Christian values can still be upheld, and Christian couples and their families will thrive. Important resources such as a family Bible are important to have and to use regularly. You can write and ask a question or leave a comment on any issue you may have about modern Christian family values and ways of life. Spiritual Bridge is here to help.