"Keeping your clothes well pressed will keep you from looking hard pressed."

Spiritual Wellness

While clothing in no way defines the person or determines his or her worth, the clothes you wear say a lot about you. They can reveal glimpses of your mood, your priorities, your value system, and your occupation. Coleman Cox described the connection between a person's clothing and the perception of state of mind: "Keeping your clothes well pressed will keep you from looking hard pressed."


In Jesus' day, clothing could even identify a time of fasting. During a fast, it was not uncommon for a member of the Jewish community to dress in sackcloth and sprinkle ashes upon his head to signify repentance and mourning.


Did you realize that the clothes you wear can affect your mood? It can! How you feel is reflective of the way you dress. Studies have shown that people who spend an abundance of time dressed in baggy, frumpy clothing tend to feel more depressed, whereas those who wear nicer clothing--such as higher quality tops and jeans--tend to feel happier.


Your mood affects the clothing you choose to wear. When you are feeling sad or unmotivated, your clothing choices will tend to represent that mood. However, the reverse is also true; your clothing affects your mood. If you are feeling down, then, a possible solution is to intentionally dress up a bit. Rather than allowing yourself to wallow in self-pity and perpetuate a sour mood, dress better. Doing so can help lift your mood and inspire a better outlook on life for those experiencing a temporary low. (Those suffering from a more serious clinical-type depression, however, should seek the help of a mental healthcare provider.)


In addition to clothing style, clothing color also can have a powerful effect. Much like the color of paint in a room can influence your mood, the color of your clothing can also determine how you feel.


.   Red clothing, for instance, can help create more positive feelings. It is also a color of power, passion, and romance. The person who wears red wants to be noticed and may exhibit a take-charge attitude.

.   Blue clothing, on the other hand, is a bit more relaxed. People who wear blue can experience a calming effect. However, if you are already feeling sad, blue clothing may perpetuate those feelings. In such a case, avoid wearing blue and choose a happier color instead.

.   Yellow clothing is just such a color. Regarded as a happier, cheery color, yellow can help pick you up when you are feeling down. Yellow can also inspire creativity, so choose yellow if you are trying to solve a problem or learn a new skill.

.   Black clothing denotes a more serious, professional attitude. Within the business world, it can be a sign of authority or power. In more casual settings, black clothing may indicate an edgier attitude.

.   Purple clothing shows regality. Those who wish to appear more sophisticated may opt to wear purple.

.   Green clothing, which can be calming, may have an affect on stress levels. Those looking to escape from the pressures of the office and build a better connect to nature should give green a chance.


Of course, every person may be affected differently by the clothing worn. Experiment a little to discover how the style, fit, and color of your clothes impacts your mood.  Discover clothing options that are designed to fit, make you look and feel good, and are available in a variety of size and color options.