Matthew 24: 13 (KJV) "But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved." 

Spiritual Wellness

Building spiritual strength can take a lot of commitment, but the results are well worth it. The harder you work to defeat weakness, the more motivated you will be to live life fearlessly and to pursue your dreams. Read Matthew 24: 13 (KJV) "But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved."  Many people have taken this encouraging quote and turned it into a mantra for their own lives. They work hard to overcome their weaknesses and are able to reap rewards in their personal and spiritual lives as a result.

You can be your own world champion. Just remember the following tips:

1. Think

Dig deep into your mind to blast your negative thoughts, issues and problems. Practice having tough and honest conversations with yourself to find ways to resolve your difficulties. Keep your temper under control by counting to ten under your breath. Let adrenaline work for you and use it to control your fears.

2. Negotiate

Learn the art of negotiation and use all the skills you have to negotiate with both friends and enemies. Do not forget to negotiate with yourself to achieve your goals. You can even bribe yourself with goodies!

3. Take control

If you are attacked by negative external influences, take a deep breath. Stop and steer. Now, figure out the source of the pressure, prepare to face it, take control and be in charge.

4. Be Creative

Creativity is the engine of progress, so be ingenious whenever you can. Try to find at least 15 minutes every day when you can be alone with your thoughts, to breathe life into your projects or find new ideas to push yourself forward.

5. Persevere

Keep going, even though the journey is rough. Remember the Lao Tse quote that "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". All you need to do is keep going, keep taking one step after another. Try to be patient, avoid looking back and carry on towards your goal.

6. Stay Positive

The world is a tough place, so always try to stay positive. Take the bad with the good. Negative feelings only lead to self-doubt and self-destruction, so throw those feelings in the trash and look for the silver lining. Positive thinking helps you come up with imaginative solutions instead of wasting time and energy moaning about your problems.

Everyday life is a challenge for your mind, your strength, and your emotional capacity. Be prepared for the face-off. Do not throw in the towel. You cannot be defeated as long as you stay in the game and keep fighting. You can recover from the stress and hurt feelings.