"Your teeth are as white as sheep that are freshly washed. Your smile is flawless..." (Song of Solomon 6:6, NLT).

Spiritual Wellness

Even in Old Testament times, a brilliant smile was desirable. Within the romance of the Song of Solomon, for example, the young man wooing the young woman complimented her, "Your teeth are as white as sheep that are freshly washed. Your smile is flawless..." (Song of Solomon 6:6, NLT). While maintaining white teeth may not exactly be a biblical directive, it is certainly an attractive feature.?


Teeth whitening is one of the most popular elective dental treatments around. While bleaching and polishing treatments are workable ways to a brighter smile, these aren't procedures that you can get done every week. To keep a freshly cleaned appearance between whitening procedures you may need to stay away from foods that can stain your teeth.


Do you like the soy sauce in your Chinese take-out?



While sauces give your favorite foods a great deal of their flavor, many deeply colored sauces are powerful tooth stainers. Their piquant flavor comes from their acid content. When you expose your teeth to such acidic foods on a regular basis, you wear your enamel away and give the color a chance to stain the layer underneath. Cream sauces usually do not have much staining power - it's the deeply colored ones that do. If you love your sauces too much to give them up, you should consider brushing your teeth right after each meal.


What could be wrong with tea?



Tea has an inviolable position on any list of healthy beverages. Dentists, though, often advise their patients to be careful about their tea habit if they wish to see the results of their teeth whitening procedures last. Recent studies have found that even light herbal teas are able to take a layer of your enamel off and cause some staining.


Have you ever tried washing a wine stain off a white tablecloth?



To help their patients decide on which foods and drinks have the most tooth staining potential, dentists often tell them to try a white tablecloth test. If you believe that a food or beverage stain can be easy to get out of a white tablecloth, you can be reasonably certain that it's safe.


Red wine has a powerful ability to stain teeth. Not only is it an acidic beverage that can attack your enamel, it contains powerful staining pigments called chromogens, too. If you have a regular wine habit, even brushing your teeth right after your wine may not be enough.


What goes for wine goes for the fruits that wine is made from, too. If you like nothing better than to settle back with a bunch of warm, purple grapes, you could easily come away with a smile that is a bit darker. Grapes aren't the only staining fruit, either. Most brightly colored fruits and berries - blackberries and cherries among them - have the power to stain teeth.


Synthetic drinks are no better



Whichever artificial drink you like - soda, energy drinks or sports drinks - they are deeply acidic products that can actually stain your tongue. Their ability to stain your teeth is a given. Sodas are especially harmful to the integrity of your enamel. Some studies show that the acid content in sodas is so high that it can attack your enamel as powerfully as battery acid. Once the acid does its work, the artificial food coloring used in these beverages goes deep into your teeth.


So are you supposed to drink nothing but water?



It cannot make sense to cut out every food and beverage just because it has staining potential.  It would not even be healthy. What you can do, instead, is to make changes to the way you consume these foods and drinks.


Try moderation: Fruits like blackberries and blueberries are excellent sources of antioxidants. You should not consider cutting these fruits out of your diet. Instead, you can simply eat them in moderation. To make up for the loss of antioxidants in your diet, you can try replacing these staining fruits with others like apples and melon.


You do not have to drink directly out of a glass: Using a straw on drinks that stain your teeth can be an idea. This idea can easily work with sports drinks and sodas. It might be a stretch with wine or tea. Nevertheless, it's a practical idea.


Finally, whenever you eat or drink something that has the ability to stain, make a point to the brush as soon as you can.