Spirituality & The Presence of Christ

Nowadays, people seem to be more connected than ever. Everyone has a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or some kind of screen that tends to get in the way of connecting with others. The truth is that technology isn't really doing that much to make one fulfilled concerning relationships and spiritualism. As a matter of fact, it might be counterproductive as it makes us long for truly meaningful connections even more. Our hearts long for strong bonds and true support.

It is true that it is so simple to interact with people from all over the world simply with the use of technology. Everyone seems to be a few clicks away, no matter where they might be. Still, despite all of these cutting-edge devices, feelings of loneliness might still occur. At the end of the day, many people still feel disconnected from the people around them.

Without a doubt, modern times have brought along a lot of benefits. There are many facets of life that seem to be much easier than they have ever been. However, all the devices that we use to 'connect' to one another seem to be rather driving us further apart. Society has gotten to a point where true and pure relationships aren't valued as much as they should be. As a matter of fact, many people complain that it is really difficult to find individuals that you can really bond with and share a meaningful connection.

The damage goes far beyond social interactions. There is something that can make you feel much lonelier. Even if you are surrounded by people, you might feel alone. Being in good company might not be enough for you. Something in your heart makes you feel that you can't properly enjoy the good things that you have in life. Despite the fact that you might be an accomplished person, it is never enough. Whatever you do, something is missing and you can't know for sure what that might be.

This is such a personal matter that you can't share it with anyone. You fear that people will think that you are ungrateful. You don't know if anyone else feels the same.

If any of these descriptions sound like you, then it is time to reconnect with your inner spirituality. Faith will fill that emptiness inside you and bring you harmony. It is time to build a strong relationship with Christ. Don't wait for the right time or to feel like doing something for your spiritual healing. That time is now.

Personal Spirituality
Incredibly, there are many people who feel that they are out of touch with spiritualism. They think that their spiritual health has been affected so much that they can't find their way back.

Some are not even aware that this is happening to them. They struggle for years without knowing exactly what's missing out of their lives. Owning a new possession can make them cheerful for a moment. However, the eventual negative feeling of emptiness will return once again. Even people who appear to be quite successful go through emotions that make them question everything.

It is certainly not pleasant to go through life feeling that you lack something and can't figure out what that might be. You need a solution – and it has to do with your personal spiritual health. A person's overall health is crucial, and yet spiritual health is often forgotten. We are too busy or too overwhelmed to be concerned with our spiritual growth. We forget or life just gets in the way of our spiritualism.

Spiritual growth and spiritual healing are compulsory in order to find balance in the world. The concept of spiritualism might have slightly different meanings from one person to another. It doesn't have to signify the exact same thing. Each person has different world views and values so it's natural to view spiritual growth a bit differently sometimes.

Some individuals prefer to work a lot on their spiritual growth, while others prefer to invest less time. However, everyone should be aware of its importance and start finding ways to achieve that spiritual healing that will cleanse their spirits. This will allow them to be free. Still, irrespective of your concept of spirituality, spiritual healing should always involve your relationship with Christ. People who have a strong bond with the Lord are happier and live a more peaceful life. Isn't this what we all want to achieve in life – happiness and balance?

Each and every goal that we set has that aim. It might come in disguise. We might think of certain possessions as bringers of happiness. When we finally achieve them, another goal presents itself and we move on without enjoying much of the initial one. When we experience spiritual growth, however, we learn to take pleasure in the more important things in life.

The Presence of Christ
A relationship with Christ is truly meaningful and it brings the spiritual healing support that you have been waiting for. It brings hope and faith into the darkness, so now is the time to integrate it in your life. When you sense the presence of Christ in your life and have Him in your heart, life will flow smoother. People who are close to Christ enjoy life more because they know that He will always be there to guide them on their path.

Even in the face of adversity, distress and challenges, people who have faith in Christ find reason to smile and to carry on. They have peace in their heart and the faith that Christ will not abandon them. There are stories of individuals who achieved such high levels of personal spirituality that they no longer fear death or anything else. As we all know, fear can paralyze you. Embrace spiritual healing and let the fear leave you.

There are the kinds of people that we regard to be inspiring and motivating. We look up to such people and want to be like them. We wonder what makes them so strong and fearless. Strong faith is the answer to all troubles and fears. Knowing that Christ is there for you, always by your side will make you fearless.

Most people have certain fears that they just can't control: fear of public speaking, fear of failure or rejection, and certain phobias. When Christ is close to your heart and you totally trust and believe in Him, you just know that everything will eventually be alright. Fear just disappears when you surrender yourself to our Lord. You just sense that He will take care of you anytime and anywhere.

You can be certain that there is no need to be afraid because the Lord always takes care of His children. He is the loving parent that loves all of His children and guides them in their spiritual growth through life in a unique way.

Can't You Feel True Happiness
Personal spiritualism is strictly related to spiritual wellness and spiritual health. Have you ever wondered why you can't be happy or pleased, though you have more than you need? It is not uncommon to be confused about your own emotions. It is alright, you don't have to panic. It happens to everyone sometimes.

You might have read or heard about highly successful people who suddenly ruined their lives. Their actions led to drama. Though they apparently had everything that a person might want, that wasn't enough.  Some have people failed to undergo spiritual growth.

Emptiness and Enjoying Life
If you don't have Christ in your heart, material possessions don't matter. There is no cure for emptiness. Only focusing on your spiritual health can bring back balance in your life, nothing else.

Emptiness can ruin even the nicest moments because you blame yourself for not being able to be 100% present and grateful for what is happening. A strong connection to spirituality and to Christ will help you be grateful for all the good things that happen to you. It enables you to be happy for little things and to enjoy this priceless gift called life. For example, have you stopped to notice your beautiful surroundings today? Even a day that is filled with warm sunshine can make a small difference.

Such little moments in time can fill your heart with joy. This kind of joy is possible because you know that our Lord is by your side and always protects you. You know that He will never let you down and will always listen to you. This kind of support will make you stronger and more confident.

When people who feel empowered live longer and better, they radiate happiness and lift the moods of others just by showing up. Don't you want to be that person who lights up a room with a smile? Don't you want to be the go-to person for advice and comfort? That can happen if you spend time praying and getting closer to Christ. Our Lord will bring harmony in your life and guide you when making decisions.

The Illusions of the World
It is true that people typically strive to be wealthy. They want to have as many material possessions as possible. Still, sometimes even if you are wealthy, you might feel that something is missing from your life. Maybe you worked hard to get to the top. Reaching a satisfying level of financial stability is often the main goal. Yet after you make that dream come true, you might discover that it doesn't bring happiness. What do you do then? Did you forget to consider your spiritual health?

Even if you are not after owning more material possessions and you just want to have enough, you might find yourself slightly dissatisfied. Where does that come from? You might ask yourself why you don't feel that precious balance, though you have food on your table and you don't have to worry for tomorrow.

All of these negative emotions of frustration and dissatisfaction point out that you are disconnected from personal spirituality. It is compulsory for any person to look after their spiritual wellness. It doesn't matter if this is something that you've never tried before. You can start right now and enrich your life with spiritualism. It will be so well worth your time so you shouldn't hesitate. If you don't, you will always feel that something is missing, even if you might have everything you could possibly need. This is a very personal need of any human being. Don't ignore it – instead, build a strong relationship with Christ. This can bring the inner peace that you have been longing for all along.

Have You Been a Christian for Years
If you are already a Christian, you probably already have the foundation for your relationship with Christ. It is possible that you may still be working on it, but you know the basics and you are less confused about the status of your faith. Believing in Christ is a must for you. Yet you might want some extra empowerment. Spiritual Bridge can help you learn more about faith and spiritualism. The site is not only for persons who are new to faith, but for all categories of individuals.

Always have Faith
James 1:6 states, "But when you ask, you must believe and not doubt, because the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind." You might have regarded yourself as a Christian for many years, or perhaps you began believing as a young child. You might have had ups and downs, but you never completely lost faith. You might blame yourself if your faith and spiritual wellness is not always as strong as you want. Maybe you have had doubts sometimes. Or perhaps you haven't prayed as much as you should have to experience true spiritual growth.

It can be an emotional rollercoaster to keep your faith strong like a rock at any given time. Still, you should know that it is possible to experience inner peace and to be a good Christian, even if you don’t feel perfect every moment of the day. It may take extra resources, but you can get there sooner than you think. If you have been a Christian for years, you are at least halfway to achieving spiritual growth and becoming a Christian who has a strong relationship with the Lord.

The Key to Having Faith
The key in spiritualism is to believe in Christ and never to doubt Him. His power and love for you is endless. When you believe in Him with all your heart and soul, your faith will get you through the storms of life and you will never be scared or alone again. Leave any doubts behind. They only weaken you and make you feel helpless against the storms of life.

When you pray and ask Christ to help you concerning a certain matter, believe that He will be there for you. Don't doubt that He will come to rescue you and to provide the spiritual healing you need. It is true that some events are a blessing in disguise and we have to figure out their role in our lives. Yet all the situations that arise have a meaning and our Lord knows what will best help our spiritual growth.

He will never abandon you. Your faith will be the catalyst that you need to carry on no matter your situation. Some say that faith can move mountains. That is true. Faith can remove any obstacles and help you achieve your goals in life. Whenever you need extra support for your spiritual wellness, you can always check the Spiritual Bridge website. It can restore your confidence in a snap and clear your doubts just like some bright rays of sun can clear a foggy day.

Inspiring Others
By being a good Christian, you will be a role model for those around you as well. A strong and confident person who radiates harmony will always impress. You can inspire others to embrace spiritualism and walk the path of life with Christ on their side.

Who doesn't want to be such a good person that others will be motivated to do better as well? By helping yourself and strengthening your faith through spiritual growth, you will help others too. Be brave and commit yourself to be a good Christian. Your actions can be the motivation that others need to be more peaceful and faithful as well. You can inspire friends, family members and even people you barely know by the power of example. Any person is impressed by someone confident and radiant. Why shouldn't you be that person that everyone wants around?

New to the Faith? No Problem!
Some of you may be brand new to the Christian faith. Maybe you are one of them and are not sure how to go about building a relationship with Christ. That is not a problem. It is never too late for spiritual healing! If you are determined, you can start a journey of spiritual growth that will bring along fantastic advantages.

Luke 15:32 explains, "But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found." Spiritualism and the path towards spiritual healing will fill you with peace and content. You will discover how faith can change your life for the better. This new experience will be highly rewarding. The sense of accomplishment is indeed something special. Don't miss the opportunity to get close to Christ and experience divine spiritual wellness.

Some people claim that 'they don't know how' to do it. This might seem like a legitimate concern, but it is not. It is wrong to use it as an excuse not to get back to spirituality. Spiritual Bridge can help you concerning this matter. There are highly useful materials on the website that can serve as research materials in your quest for spiritual wellness. So never attempt to make up excuses.

You can make time for praying and for integrating practical ways to grow from a spiritual point of view even if you are really busy. It all comes down to setting priorities. Praying doesn't have to be time consuming and it certainly doesn't have to feel like a burden. Open your heart and allow divine grace to enter your life. Your spiritual healing journey just might be easier than you think. Once you discover its bliss and purity, you will look forward to surrender yourself to Christ and to allow Him to guide your steps in life. A bit of an effort will bring you so many advantages. Building a relationship with Christ is the bridge to that unconditional support that everyone needs.

Divine Guidance
Divine guidance will enable you to make better choices and to be a better person, one who is not afraid of anything. When you are certain that the Lord is always watching over you, your confidence is high and your wellbeing improves significantly.

All people are more than welcome to feel the grace of the Lord. This personal spiritual journey is certainly mandatory to feel that unique emotion of being at peace with everything. Knowing that someone is always there for you is priceless. Loneliness can take its toll on you, even if you don't like to admit it.

The feeling of emptiness that you might go through indicates that you need spiritual healing. No riches can make you whole if you lack faith and you are constantly troubled due to one reason or another. Being new to faith doesn't make you any less of a good person. Believe that you are good enough and that Christ loves you just the way you are.

He will help you live a fulfilling life and will guide your steps in the world, no matter how confused you may be at the moment. Faith will make negative emotions fade away and make space for positive ones that strengthen your overall balance.

Why Having Friends is Not Enough
People always want good friends to be on their side. These kinds of friends are tough to find. Despite the fact that you might be surrounded with people and have many acquaintances, good friends are rare gems. Many people suffer due to the fact that they don't have anyone to talk to.

Even if you are among the lucky ones who has great friends, you might not be able to share everything. Some things are so personal that it is understandable to maintain discretion. Whether you do this because you don't want to burden your friends with your problems or because you fear that they won't understand, that negative feeling of emptiness and loneliness can still creep in.

Perhaps you are embarrassed to share some stories or personal experiences thinking that your friends might change their opinion about you. This happens because we fear rejection so greatly that it can affect our way of perceiving the world. Fear hampers our spiritual growth.

We also fear that the ones we consider to be our friends will actually mock us when we open up. Unfortunately, it is not unheard of to be completely honest with someone and then to hear your story all over the place because that person made fun of you in front of many people. This is why we must base our spiritual wellness on our relationship with Christ, not our friends.

This situation applies to spouses as well. It can be difficult to share everything with someone. Not to mention that people have troubles of their own or they are so busy that they seem to always be unavailable to talk. This is another reason why rebuilding your relationship with Christ is so important to your spiritual wellness. Unlike anyone else, the Lord is always there for you. He will never turn his back on you, irrespective of your actions. He will forgive your sins and help you become a better person even if the entire concept of spiritualism is still fresh for you.

Building a Relationship with Christ
There is a saying that goes 'nothing worth having comes easy'. This applies even in this case. Building a relationship with Christ is an ongoing process. It is not something that you can do overnight. It is such a meaningful and rewarding experience that it will take some time to feel that you built a strong connection and have achieved spiritual growth.

Nothing truly outstanding happens overnight. We hear sometimes the phrase 'an overnight success' when referring to people who made it in life. But there is no such thing. Behind that so-called overnight success are always years of investing sweat and tears into various projects. Also, behind that glamorous and surprisingly lucky person there usually is a hard-working individual who just never gave up in the face of adversities.

Still, don't be misled into believing that building a relationship with Christ will be a difficult process that will involve serious efforts on your part. Don't shy away from spiritual healing because you think it could be hard. Your spiritual wellness depends on your dedication to building a strong relationship with Christ.

You don't have to force this process. Once your faith starts growing, it will become much easier than you initially thought. It will become pleasant and enjoyable. Your soul will learn to appreciate life more and you will see the world with different eyes. Spirituality and faith will allow you to discover new horizons. A bit of patience will go a long way. Also, it is best to keep in mind that spiritualism is something that you should practice for the rest of your life due to its benefits.

So don't rush. You can start small at the beginning. Prayers might not come easy. They are very personal and it might be at least a bit unusual to start talking to Christ. Opening up and saying the whole truth about you and your life could be one challenging milestone. Some people have never got the chance to be completely open about their feelings. It might be a struggle to get to a point where you can pray freely and from the bottom of your heart. There is no need to worry that you might do something wrong or that it is too late.

Christ can forgive your sins. So there is no 'correct' form of praying. There are no rules set in stone. You can choose to interact with Christ in your own unique way to achieve spiritual wellness. Feel free to experiment and to see which method feels closer to home.

What if I Need Extra Resources?
It is ok to need extra resources and help. There is absolutely no shame in that. Just because you start a bit later in life, this doesn't mean that you won't need some advice. At the end of the day, all people learned how to pray and integrate faith in their life in one way or another. Whether that occurred many decades ago or quite recently, building a relationship is a process that can require additional resources. Spiritual Bridge can help and is always available for anyone who needs additional advice with their spiritual health.

Even if you come from a background that isn't advantageous for you, no one will judge. Spiritual growth is available and highly beneficial to everyone, irrespective of status or previous experience with religion and faith. If you think that you can't make it on your own, you always have Spiritual Bridge to provide you guidance. Once you understand faith and you gain a new perspective, everything will be much easier.

As long as you wish to get closer to the Lord, nothing is wrong. Pray as you see fit. You shouldn't make strict rules as you might feel forced to pray out of obligation. You won't enjoy that as much, nor receive as much benefit. Praying is highly meaningful and helpful so it shouldn't be just another task that you scratch off your daily to do list as soon as possible. Just commit to pray and do your best to invest some emotion into it.

Start praying more often. At a certain point, it will come naturally and you will be looking forward to engage in activities that make you feel closer to Christ. When you pray more, you will see how you will wait to get a few moments alone to be able to take off your chest the daily worries. There is no need to rush things or to have misconceptions. Though the process of building a relationship with Christ won't occur instantly, it will be the wisest decision that you ever made. Spiritual healing will be so comforting that you will just know that you are on your way to reaching peace and happiness.

Faith is for Everyone
Everyone can start believing. Just start having faith in Christ and then things will fall into place. It doesn't matter how old you are or how long have you been astray from spiritualism. None of your personal characteristics matter. Social status, wealth or lack of it, relationship status, background, or other details are irrelevant in front of Christ. We are all His children and everyone is welcome to connect with the Lord.

It is true that society might belittle you due to certain sins. Yet nothing matters if you are looking to get close to Christ. The Bible includes the Parable of the Lost Sheep, which relates to anyone who has been lost and now finds his way back.

Luke 15:32 explains, "we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found." Every return of the lost children of the Lord is important and celebrated. He loves us all and never turns His back to the lost ones. It is a happy moment when someone who has backed away from faith comes back to Christ and looks for His divine guidance. You can find yourself again through faith.

If you are seeking redemption, spiritualism will bring light in your life and help you find the right path. It will light up the way for you to make decisions that will benefit you and to become the person that you want to be.

How Spiritual Bridge Can be Used to Help Guide You in Your Spiritual Growth
Spiritual Bridge is a remarkable resource to help guide anyone in the process of spiritual growth. You can find a plethora of materials concerning spiritual healing, which can clarify your doubts or concerns immediately.

This is also a great place to read Bible verses. These verses have the power of changing your life. A few wise words and it can seem as if a veil has been lifted off your eyes so you can see life clearly. This is a tremendous help. If you enjoy reading and exploring spiritualism, you will find the materials highly useful as they describe real-life situations, advice and guidelines for anyone interested in strengthening their faith in Christ.

It is alright if you can't go through this journey alone. Actually, you don't have to. Thanks to modern technology, you have access not only to priceless Bible verses, but also to precious words of advice from people who went through the same experience as you do and managed to achieve spiritual wellness. If you are new to faith, you can learn all the concepts and gain knowledge about faith and spirituality.

Lord, help us now at Spiritual Bridge to share His knowledge and put the website to good use. You can rest assured that this webpage will serve you really well in your journey to achieve spiritual health. Explore it and take a while to discover the content. Take notes as you read over the content in our spiritual wellness section.

Spiritual Bridge encourages and supports people of all backgrounds. So you don't have to shy away from this website. It can become your number one resource to grow your faith. Take advantage of it and let's see how your life will become more fulfilled.

Guidance from Spiritual Bridge
Spiritual Bridge can be the mentor that you have been looking for. We all know how difficult it is to find a mentor. Though such a person would make a world of a difference, usually few people are lucky enough to have a mentor on their side. Sure, it is indeed great to be able to ask questions and to clarify all your uncertainties quickly. Yet in real life, no one has this amazing availability. Even if you do know someone who can give you a few words of advice, it may not be perfect.

Not to mention that the journey to faith is an individual experience. There are some things in life that you have to do on your own. This may be one of them. Also, when dealing with emptiness and loneliness, you might actually want to have some private time and to manage everything on your own. Spiritual Bridge is the ideal way to do so. We are always here to provide many helpful materials, and we will never judge you for your past actions. Spiritual Bridge hopes to be a form of digital guidance in order to help as many people as possible. Please don’t hesitate to use us as one of your personal sources of research for your spiritual growth.

What are Some of the Practical Ways You Can Grow Your Faith Right Now?
It is possible to grow your faith and to heal from a spiritual point of view using several practical ways. Here are some that you can try right away:

Start Praying
Find a quiet corner and pray. Prayers don't have to be too formal. There is no need to prepare in advance. Speak your heart and mind. Express your joys and sorrows. If you don't feel at ease now and you don't know what to say on your own, you can just read prayers.

Read Bible Verses
Bible verses contain words full of wisdom that can enlighten you. You can read the Bible for free online, or you can get one at your local bookstore. Having your own copy of the Bible should be at the top of your priority list if you don’t already own one. The wisdom it contains is timeless and will remain so for all eternity. If you are excited to start your spiritual wellness journey in this very moment, you can use the Spiritual Bridge website to read Bible verses. Reflect upon them and think of real-life situations where you could apply what you've learned.

Use What You Learned in Your Actions
It is not enough to read or to say that you believe, you have to apply what you've been taught. Exercise faith by doing actions that are according to our Lord's will. James 2:22 states, "You see that his faith and his actions were working together, and his faith was made complete by what he did." Your actions complete your faith. So focus only on deeds that will allow you to develop your spirituality. Commit to actions that will make you proud and bring honor to the name of the Lord. Your whole being should be involved in the process of spiritual growth and your life should change in order to follow your new guidelines in life.

Help Someone Around You
Choose people who could use your help the most, such as the elderly living in your neighborhood, the single mom who works two jobs, or the poorest person you know. It matters to help anyone, but help is most appreciated when it is offered to people who are really having a hard time.

There are many charity organizations that need a hand. Some need professional services, while others just require volunteers to bring food or clothing to the homeless. Research the volunteering opportunities in your city. Each town has at least a few worth contributing to. There is probably a retirement home nearby. The elderly persons who live there could use someone to talk to. It won't cost anything to offer your support to the community. Find a nice way that will bring joy. If by any chance you really can't find anything that particularly interests you or that makes a significant change, you can even start your own charity and encourage people to join for a good cause. You can become not only a respected member of the community, but also a better Christian. By practicing the word of the Lord and helping the ones around you, you can experience spiritual growth.

Integrating Your Faith into Your Daily Actions
The articles posted on the Spiritual Bridge website will help you to learn how to integrate your faith into your daily actions. We aim to assist anyone in the journey to get closer to Christ. There are articles on various key topics such as family, parenting, religion, or marriage. You can even find special articles for women or young people.

Whenever you think you might have been drifting away from your path and need a bit of advice, you can check out the Spiritual Bridge articles. It is even possible to ask for an online prayer. Helping others and volunteering to contribute to a better world will definitely be useful to integrate spiritualism into your daily life. Think twice whenever you perform an action that might involve future negative consequences. Reflect upon the situation and see what you should do.

Ask Christ for help and you will receive divine guidance. You can also check out the Spiritual Bridge database for relevant materials that can help you make up your mind and incorporate the Christian teachings more smoothly into the key aspects of your life such as family, marriage, friends, parenting and religion.

Inspirational Bible verses can guide your steps every day and motivate you to do good deeds. They can also allow you to better understand the teachings of Christ and to get closer to Him. Choose to use your time better. Instead of watching TV shows just to escape your struggles and negative emotions, work on your spiritual wellness. Pray more, read more about faith and practice kindness every time you can.

Why is Applying these Concepts to Your Life Beneficial?
There are several keys to a balanced life. Apart from the vital ones like air, water, food or shelter, there are others that people often mix up. The one that individuals leave out most often is spiritual wellness. It is compulsory to feel complete and whole. Otherwise you will go through life pursuing goals that will never bring you the happiness you deserve. After achieving them, you will feel more hollow and empty than ever before. The cycle will continue until you will observe the essential role of spiritual health.

Therefore, it is highly beneficial to apply these concepts to your life. Building a relationship with Christ and becoming a good Christian will bring you hope and light. They will fill your existence with joy that doesn't fade away. You will see rays of hope in each situation and your fears will gradually melt away.

The Lord is good and will be your light in the darkness. The words of wisdom that you will find on Spiritual Bridge are highly useful, whether your life is going really well at the moment or you have many doubts and have no idea how and where your life is going. When life is flowing smoothly, Bible verses and strong spiritual health will allow you to be truly grateful.

Matthew 8:26 says, "He replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm." When your faith is strong, there is nothing standing in your way to have peace of mind. Life can take you to new and unexpected directions. The fear of the unknown and challenges can leave you tormented. All of the contradictory emotions that you might be experiencing will only make matters worse. But Christ can help you walk fearlessly through all seasons of life. He will take your hand and shed light into dark times. Apply these concepts to reach a lifetime of true happiness and balance. By doing so, you will feel inner peace and harmony at any given time.

This will greatly improve your overall wellbeing not only from a spiritual health point of view, but from a physical one as well. Negative emotions and unhappiness can have a serious impact on one's spiritual health and wellbeing.

A strong connection to Christ will make you feel complete and help you forget about all the emptiness, frustration, and pain that you have experienced. Loneliness will be gone and it will no longer torment you. Hope will flourish in your heart and you will just sense that there is always light in your life.